Chapter Memberships

Membership in a local chapter of Phi Lambda Upsilon is by invitation only and requires meeting the academic standards specified in the National Constitution.

Requirements for membership shall be:

(i) A minimum of 20 semester hours or the equivalent of Chemistry, chemical engineering, and/or biochemistry;
(ii) Rank in the top 20% of seniors in their department or at their institution; and
(iii) A minimum grade point average of 3.0/4.0.

The invitation to join is usually formally transmitted by letter from the Councillor of the chapter and may include a formal ceremony of induction. To complete the induction process, the nominee is required to fill out a new member form, which is available from the National Secretary, Dr. Deborah Bromfield Lee <> and submit a one time life-time membership fee of $40.00 to the National Treasurer,  either by mail or electronically at plu-memberships-and-merchandise. A Certificate of Membership is then mailed to the new member. Alternative payment of the membership fee may be made to the local chapter, whereupon the local chapter treasurer can make a single payment for a class of inductees.