Travel Grants

Student Travel Grants for Scientific Presentations:

Up to $250 per grant may be applied for in support of the travel of a member or members to make a scientific presentation (oral or poster) at a regional or national professional meeting. Chapters can receive at least two travel grants per calendar year. More Student Travel Grants will be available to chapters based on the number of initiates. One additional travel grant may be awarded for every eight new members inducted per year. A chapter may be awarded a maximum of 10 grants per year. If an abstract is not accepted for presentation at the meeting by the meeting’s organizers, then any funding received from PLU for travel associated with that abstract must be returned to the PLU National Treasurer, either as the original, un-cashed check from PLU, or as a separate check made payable to “Phi Lambda Upsilon”.

Student Travel Grants to Promote PLU:

Up to $250 is available to support the travel of a member or members to make a presentation to promote PLU (oral presentation or poster) at a professional meeting or at a University that does not have a local chapter. All chapters can receive at least two such grants every calendar year.

Neither type of grant requires a match from the chapter.

Application procedure:

A written request should be attached to the and sent to the National President. It must be sent both by email (without signatures) and by regular mail (to show needed signatures). The PLU grant program operates on a calendar year budget. Acceptable applications will be awarded on a first-come, first serve basis when there are more applications than the annual budget allows to be awarded. Click here to download an application form: Student Travel Grants Application