New Chapter Formation

A new chapter of Phi Lambda Upsilon (PLU) may be established in an institution of higher learning in the United States of America which either offers a major in chemistry and is on the approved list of schools meeting the American Chemical Society’s minimum standards for undergraduate professional education in chemistry, or offers a major in chemical engineering which is approved by the American Institute of Chemical Engineers and offers a major in chemistry requiring at least thirty (30) semester credit hours in chemistry courses for graduation.  A chapter of this Society may be established in an institution of learning in Canada after determination by the National Officers that the institution meets the minimum standards of the American Chemical Society and/or the American Institute of Chemical Engineers as indicated in the previous sentence.

For establishment of a new chapter, a local honorary society, approved by college/university administrative authorities, shall have been in existence for at least one (1) year before consideration may be accorded this group by the PLU National Expansion Committee.  Furthermore, the local honorary group shall be comprise of members of the faculty and students, whose scholastic records meet the requirements of the Society, in sufficient number to maintain an active chapter as judged by the National Expansion Committee.

Approval of a petition to form a new chapter is the responsibility of the National Executive Committee of Phi Lambda Upsilon upon recommendation of the Expansion Committee. Approval for the formation of a new chapter then results from the affirmative vote of at least three-fourths of the Executive Committee.  The National Executive Committee consist s of the National officers (cf. Article VII of the PLU National Constitution) and the most recently retired National President (cf. PLU National By-Laws, Article II, Section 2.). The preparation and receipt of a proposal to form a new chapter is guided and assisted by the Vice President who serves as the Expansion Committee Chairman.

Procedure for New Chapter Formation

Prior to submission of the tentative draft of a petition for a charter, the Expansion Committee requests a letter of intent to submit a petition and shall have given its tentative approval of the petitioning group, basing its decision on information requested by the Chair of the Expansion Committee.

Following the tentative approval of the Expansion Committee the petitioning group may be authorized by the Chair of the Expansion Committee to prepare and submit a petition. The final draft of the petition shall be sent to the Chair of the Expansion Committee for approval prior to publication for the Expansion Committee.

The petition for a charter shall contain the following items:

a)      Formal Letter of Petition signed by each member of the petitioning group.

b)      Historical Sketch of the Institution with particular emphasis upon those departments offering basic courses in chemistry.

c)      List of National Honor Societies that have chapters at the Institution at the time of petitioning.

d)      List of Faculty Members teaching courses in pure and applied chemistry, including their degrees and the years in which they were granted, the institutions granting their degrees, plus the current academic title of the faculty member.

e)      Names of Petitioners who qualify as members of Phi Lambda Upsilon as specified in the National By-Laws.

f)       Documentation of Activities performed to promote excellence in chemistry by the organization petitioning for chapter status.

g)      An On-site Visitation Report supported by an officer of a nearby chapter, a national officer, or any other Phi Lambda Upsilon member who is not a member of the institution petitioning for membership and so designating by the National President.

h)      Installation of an Average of 10 People over a two year period as Members-at-large prior to request for chapter status will constitute proof that there will be a sufficient number of members to maintain an active chapter.